Local plan notification

The Local Plan consultation, can be found at issuesandoptions.commonplace.is

As with all Local Plan consultations, this is quite comprehensive.  The Local Plan is our single biggest strategic weapon to drive how development happens and the update is happening because we have committed to tackling the climate emergency and ensuring that development in the district is truly sustainable.  The Plan that we inherited from the previous administration is lacking in many places with regard to this.

There are 18 topic papers associated with the consultation, and each of these are represented by a separate ’tile’ on the website above.  There is no requirement for anyone to visit all tiles; each one essentially stands alone.  I would have thought that small rural parishes such as Todenham would be most interested in the tiles called ‘affordable housing’, ‘accessibility of new development’, and ‘Sustainable transport’ , since these are persistent bugbears for all smaller rural communities.  There are also several crucial questions under the ‘climate change’ tile that we really do want the views of parishes on as well, such as whether we should ask people to upgrade the energy efficiency of a whole building when building an extension, and questions on how we manage the development of renewable energy in the district. There’s also a map tile on the website; you can just zoom in to Todenham, click the ‘Have your say’ button and drop as many pins as you like in different places to point out local spatial development issues that are of concern.  In the next few days we will be launching a specific consultation tile for young people, and there are also 18 one-page summaries of the topics, with a single key question for each for those people who are in a hurry and just want an overview: https://www.cotswold.gov.uk/media/i3kc3wk2/11-3-one-page-summaries.pdf

We would be very grateful if the Parish Council could also promote this consultation on its website.

Rachael Coxcoon


Please note the closing date for comments is 20 March 2022 at 23.59